Jamming in High Heels

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My fucking COWORKER made this banger.

Music/vocals by The Warhorse.

Additional vocals by Manchild.

Track produced by The Warhorse.


You have grown up
From key bump to drawing the line
Call up Daddy
The valet scratched your ‘Cedes Benz

Won’t you come down
to the river banks of wine?
Just show your ID
and drop some names like they’re basslines

From Rodeo to Bel Air
such strong independent girls
with Daddy’s checkbook
you really helped those Guatemalan kids

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Morning bled at the water’s edge
The city was bringing me down
And my mind was on a ledge
Saying who’s gonna help you now

Without sun we pull what feeds us
From the heat that’s in between us
How can we expect to build a boat
Seagulls running everything

Hard, you make it hard, hard

It’s all the opposite I think
The ladder runs side to side
Enough to make you want a drink
But there’s no place to hide

Watching shadows within shadows within
They hide their dark selfs from the sun
And her voice is just a memory
You’re not fooling anyone

Hard, you make it hard, hard
Hard, you make it hard, hard

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